Called by God, Pastor Morton leads our team and provides spiritual leadership for our fellowship and community. He serves as Senior Pastor, shepherd, chief administrator, counselor, preacher, and teacher, leading people to become effective ministers and ambassadors for Christ.

Administrative Services

We provide administrative support for the
Church and Senior Pastor to meet the
needs of our membership and community. 

Core Ministry Directors

We lead in the important works and
activities of the Church. We invite, train,
support, and encourage member
participation to the fullest extent possible. 

Executive Leadership

We provide spiritual and fiscal accountability
for the Church and Senior Pastor, and assist
with budgeting,  decision-making,
and  conflict resolution.

Media & IT

We work to ensure God's Word is received
by all, in and outside the Church.
We manage the audio and video
media used during services and events. 

Ministerial Staff

Operations & Maintenance

Under the teachings and guidance of
Pastor Morton, we assist with worship,
teaching, preaching,
visitation, and evangelism. 
We contract, manage, and perform
landscaping and building and
property maintenance for
all church-owned properties.