IT Solutions

Moving forward...

The IT Ministry helps supply information technology solutions and training for Central members, ministries, and onsite staff that support our community.  To do this, we work to form partnerships with all groups and ministries throughout the Church.  We meet as often as necessary to meet the growing need.

If you are comfortable using the Microsoft suite of services, we can use your help. If you have technical abilities in hardware and software management, computer training, web design, app development, or know how to use all the latest gadgets from Smartphones to iPads, we can use your help.  Finally, if you are a former techie and want to learn more about a different area, we really can use your help!  We encourage you to use your gifts and talents to support this important ministry! Please contact us today!

Services we provide:
  • Hardware and software maintenance (use, test, and repair)
  • Equipment purchase recommendations
  • Church computer backup systems maintenance
  • Computer Help Desk
  • Technical support
  • Computer Lab 
  • Training
  • Strategic planning recommendations