Family Life Ministries

Family Life seeks to create a sense of unity by participating in the lives of our church families.  
Our goal is to work with families individually and in groups; to save our future and save our church.
Being a part of a family is a gift from God. Families care for us physically, emotionally,
mentally, and spiritually. We care for our families in the same ways. We focus on using our
spiritual gifts so that God's presence and love may be reflected inside and outside the church. 

Married Couples

Our goal is to enrich the lives of couples and those engaged to be married to bring them to a closer and more intimate relationship with God and each other through Biblical education, workshops, retreats, conferences, seminars, and recreational activities.


We seek to actively engage all men disciples of Central in ministry. We believe that through our works and our example, lives will be impacted, burdens lightened, and souls transformed into the newness of life.


We bring together singles of all ages — never married and divorced or widowed who want to deepen their relationship with God. You’ll find ways to connect with God and others through seminars, prayer partnering, mission outreach, and fellowship.


We are committed to inspiring all women in the faith to continuously build a better relationship with God and each other, connecting women to God and woman-to-woman, and supporting the spiritual growth for all women throughout our community.

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